ESRP is a dedicated platform to test the feasibility of treating stroke in a set of rodent pre-clinical models, well characterized to reproduce some of the situations identified in Humans and designed to address specific questions.

Overall, ESRP is devoted to uncover the pathophysiology of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke as the basis for the development of novel therapeutic options for stroke patients. Accordingly, the ESRP will be an integral part of the translational research strategy developed by academic and private laboratories.

The main expertise of the platform gathers around:

  1. Its animal facilities for animals production, housing and its ability to performed a set of treatments-administrations-conditionings prior-during and after the stroke was initiated;
  2. Experimental stroke models including thromboembolic cerebral ischemia and reperfusion, transient & permanent focal cerebral ischemia, global ischemia, intracerebral hemorrhage;
  3. Methodologies for the investigation of the cerebral outcomes including neurological scores and behavioral tasks, in vivo brain imaging (GIP Cyceron) and histological analysis.


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